There are different ways to injure the bone and joint area: causing stress beyond the strength of the bone and joints, if only ligaments give way and tear it is known as ‘sprained ankle,’ and if the bone gives way and tear then it means that you might have fractured your ankle. 

What causes an ankle fracture?

  • Falling, twisting, or rolling of the ankle.
  • Impact or stress of tripping or falling
  • Injuring ligaments that hold ankle stable 

Common Symptoms: 

  • Tenderness
  • Severe pain at fracture site
  • Swelling of the ankle
  • Difficulty walking or putting weight on affected foot


  • Examination by perferred podiatrist
  • Perscribe anti-inflammatory medication
  • If necessary, steroid injection to help reduce swelling 
  • Splinting/bracing
  • Casting or bootin
  • Surgery

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